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Title: Help Me, Help Me
Fandom: Baccano!
Rating: 14A for violence
Word count: 3011
Characters/pairing: Christopher, Poet, Huey, Salome, Chi, Sickle, Rail
Summary: Five scenes of survival. Raised in these sorts of conditions, the Lamia do what they can to help one another stay alive.
Notes: I just hope no one lets Huey have kids every again.

He wants to live. )
fictions: (and for many a time)
Title: Sinister, Dexterous
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: 14A for violence
Word count: 4002
Characters/pairing: Braxiatel, Narvin, Leela, Romana, the Doctor (Eighth), K-9
Summary: It is a Time War. You do what you must to win, to survive. Braxiatel and Narvin are the left hands that hide what they do from the right.
Notes: A while ago, I promised a friend hilarious buddy-cop story about Braxiatel and Narvin kicking in teeth for the sake of the greater good. So I tried to write it. Well, I wrote about Braxiatel and Narvin working towards the greater good. And teeth were definitely kicked in. The main inspiration is the poem “The Left Hand and Hiroshima” by Gwendolyn MacEwen.

you have the jekyll hand, you have the hyde hand: my people, you are abominable

It is necessary to have someone who will betray you out of loyalty. )
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Title: Held in Glass
Fandom: Brideshead Revisted
Rating: PG
Word count: 1248
Characters/pairing: Sebastian, Charles
Summary: Sebastian wants to put a part of himself in a bottle and send it out to sea.
Notes: This one is a birthday present for a friend.

Dreams drift up in glass bottles. )
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Title: Methods for World Peace
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: 14A
Word count: 2413
Characters/pairing: Leela, Romana, Braxiatel/Narvin
Summary: Narvin and Braxiatel appear to be pathologically incapable of not arguing with each other, regardless of what is at stake.
Notes: Aliens Made Them Do It is a noble tradition in fandom, and as such I refuse to feel any shame. My only regret is not having a chance to let Brax exposit about the religious system of these people. I suspect that a swear word I used has little currency on Gallifrey, but who am I to pass up the set up for a bad joke? This was half written for a friend and half written for a request on [ profile] whoniverse1000 that I vowed to one day fulfil.

Well, Chancellor, Coordinator? How did it go? )

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